History of Hunts International

The Company's origins go back to 1942 when
Mr A Hunt founded the business which
specialised in transporting cattle. The business
expanded operating a fleet of vehicles providing a cattle
transportation service, furniture removals and parcel carrying
service within the U.K.

In 1963 the business was split and Mr C James purchased
the removals part of the business and over the next few years
the company expanded and in 1985 purchased land and built a
10,000 square foot container storage facility. In 1988 the Managing Director,
Mr N James expanded the company again, with a fleet of drawbar vehicles, carrying out local, long distance and overseas removals.

At the beginning of 2004, the company purchased another half acre site adjacent to their existing premises which allowed them to double the current storage capacity. In 2007 the company expanded again and also opened a storage facility in France to assist them with all the removals/storage to, from and within Europe that they are now being asked to undertake. In 2009 Neil James retired and Adam Oakley took on the role of Managing Director, with his wife Paula as Company Secretary. Adam Started work for Hunts in 1992 and has worked in every position within the company including porter, export packer, continental driver, fork lift driver, warehouse manager, estimator and transport manager.
Adam is now looking forward to the new challenges of expanding the business in the next few years.

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