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Having specialised in moving families and individuals to Australia for over 20 years, we remain as one of the UK’s leading specialists in Australian removals. We service all the major ports in Australia, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Fremantleand Melbourne, from these major ports we can deliver to almost any Australian destination. We also offer full airfreight and excess baggage services to Australia. More and more client’s are taking advantage of a combined sea freight and airfreight service, this allows vital files documents or other essential items to be sent via air in advance of the main shipment via sea.



We provide a comprehensive quotation based on each individual customers requirements. This level of service is best achieved by our Relocation Consultant Personally Attending Your Property for a survey to ensure every last detail has been taken care of. We advise to book your free survey at between 2 to 4 months prior to your intended move to Australia.

Our Consultant will be more than happy to complete 2 lists of items should you wish to compare the cost effectiveness of sending certain items. This will eliminate the need for a 2nd survey as both prices can be given upon 1st quotation. When packing the container our operatives utilize every inch of space possible, including the inside of wardrobes and drawers. Even the space between the legs of a dining chair will be used for soft furnishings. Packing the container tightly not only eliminates movement in the load;

It can save ££’s of YOUR money

Shipping to Australia transit times

Shipping to Australia approximate transit times are based on information provided by the relevant shipping lines operating the vessels servicing the UK and Australia. The estimated time of arrival for full containers is 6-8 weeks and 8-12 weeks for a shared container service to Australia. Once your shipping container has been loaded it is secured,sealed and transported to the UK port ready for loading onto the vessel for shipment to Australia.

Your Container arrival in Australia

Your coordinator or our partner agent in Australia will contact you before your container arrives at the port in Australia, this is to confirm your requirements regarding delivery, if you are not ready to take delivery we can arrange storage at competitive rates. We will also provide you with an Australian Customs form (B534) if you haven’t already completed one prior to your departure from the UK.

Australian Customs Clearance

When your shipment arrives in Australia we will arrange for your personal effects/household effects to be customs cleared . To assist with your customs clearance you will be required to complete an unaccompanied effects statement which is an Australian customs form B534, this can be completed in the UK before your departure or in Australia. If your goods are arriving into Australia before you do, you can nominate a your family member or a friend in Australia to act on your behalf. In this scenario you must complete the Australian customs from B534 yourself before you depart the UK. You will also be required to present the following information to Australian Customs.

VISA (Photocopy),
Passport (Photocopy for Proof of identity),
Inventory, of Items
Australian Customs B534

All goods entering Australia are subject to Duty Tax & GST however, a personal or household effects shipment will qualify for free entry of Duty Tax & GST if your goods have:

1. Been owned and used for 12 months or more by yourself.

2. Be a first time migrant who is taking up permanent residency for the first time

3. Returning Australian Citizen who has been living outside of Australia for 12 months or more.

Australia Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS)

All household and personal effects entering Australia are subject to examination by AQIS.

This examination can cause delays of up to 14 days.

The quarantine examination also means that full containers cannot be delivered direct to the importers residence.

Items of interest to AQIS include all items that may have come into contact with soil such as gardening equipment, bicycles, scooters, sports and camping equipment, golf clubs, buggies, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners. Etc..

These items should be thoroughly cleaned prior to shipment.AQIS may order further treatment such as fumigation or steam cleaning, if in their opinion the items being imported present a quarantine risk. Any ornaments manufactured from animal skins or ivory being transported to Australia must have a Cites certificate. for more information visit www.environment.gov.au
Quarantine Inspection charges are between A$ 180 to A$ 700 depending on the size of your shipment and the type of items being inspected.

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