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4 weeks FREE storage in our storage facilities!

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Moving your pets abroad

Moving your pet abroad?

Moving to another country with your pet is exciting but it can also be stressful. There’s a lot to think about. Vaccinations. Paperwork. Transport. Air kennels. Flights. The list goes on. At RemovalsTo we trust and work alongside a very repu- table company “Airpets”. They make it easy for you to move your pet between the UK and anywhere in the world. Click here for a quote.

Greek Flag Documents Required To Stay (and Work) in Greece Driving in Greece
Removals to Greece

Removals to Greece

Removals to Greece offer a regular removals service for people moving to Greece on a permanent basis or setting up a holiday/2nd home. We at removals to Greece are recognised specialists at shipping furniture to Greece via road, sea or air from most World- Wide destinations.

Our removals to Greece service’s offer unrivalled coordination with excellent communication keeping you informed at every stage of your removal.

After 20 yrs hands on experience in removals to Greece, and a partnership network of accredited agents Worldwide, we can offer our client’s a high level of expertise that will ensure your removal to Greece becomes a stress free and enjoyable experience.

Moving to the UK from Greece?
We can arrange removals from anywhere in Greece to the UK.

When you enquire about the removals to Greece service your call is handled by a co-ordinator who is highly experienced in removals to Greece and will assist you in deciding the most favourable method for your removals to Greece in terms of ease of service, price, and any requirements you may have for temporary storage.

Your personal co-ordinator will make sure that the removal to Greece of your personal effects, is smooth,simple and as cost effective as possible. By contacting removals to Greece, your co-ordinator can take responsibility for every aspect of your removals to Greece from your front door in the UK to your front door in Greece or into storage in the UK or Greece if required.

Of course we will remain in contact so that you are always up to date with the progress of your removals to Greece making the whole relocation process as simple as possible. By paying close attention to detail, your household effects are always undertaken to the very highest standards. We can hire cranes and outside elevators if required.

Free online quotation For an instant quotation simply complete our online quotation form or alternatively email or call free 0800 387 280 for instant advice or information.

Difficult access to your property

Difficult access to your property We can assist with difficult access in Greece by utilising our network of Greek removals companies who can offer manpower and small vehicles for trans-shipment if required.

We offer removals to Greece to all destinations: Athens, Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Patras, Heraklion Peristeri, Larissa, Kallithea, Nikaia, Kalamaria Glyfada, Acharnes, VolosIlio, Keratsini, Ilioupoli Nea Smyrni, Chalandri, Marousi, Zografou, Aigaleo Agios Dimitrios, Korydal, los, Evosmos, Nea Ionia Palaio FaliroIoannina, Agia Paraskevi, Vyronas Kavala, Galatsi, Rhodes, Serres, Alexandroupoli Chania, Chalcis, Petroupoli, Katerini, Kalamata Trikala, Xanthi, Lamia, Irakleio, Komotini, Kifissia Sykies, Veroia, Chaidari, Drama, Agrinio, Stavroupoli Alimos, Polichni, Ampelokipoi, Kozani, AspropyrgosAgioi Anargyroi, Argyroupoli, Karditsa, Chios, Nea Ionia Vrilissia, Agia Varvara, Corinth, Cholargos, Voula Rethymno, Ptolemais, Neapoli, Metamorfosi, Ano Liosia Mytilini, Giannitsa, Eleusis, Salamis, Tripoli, Perama Kerkyra, Kaisariani, Argos, Kamatero, Eleftherio-Kordelio Megara, Melissia, Pylaia, Moschato, Nea Philadelphia Artemis, Thebes, Pyrgos, Kilkis, Levadeia, Pefki, Aigio Amaliada, KosNaousa, Arta, Edessa, Elliniko, Gerakas, Koropi, Preveza, Panorama, Peraia, Oraiokastro Nea Erythraia, Orestiada, Thermi, Kalyvia,Thorikou Pallini, Menemeni, Sparta, Agios Ioannis Rentis Florina, Nea Makri, Paiania, Dafni. . Relocating to Greece with Removals to Greece

Liability cover for your effects


All our quotations include INSURANCE that will cover your goods up to a value of 25,000.00 GBP (this can be increased if required) and we will forward full details of the policy so you can study it for your own peace of mind. It is a specialized policy for the international transport of household furniture and effects, full details of our broker are also included so you can contact them for assurance that all premiums are paid up to date. This is all part of the requirements of our membership of the British Acosiation Removers (BAR) and BS EN 12522 the British/European standard for removals.
Full terms are provided with every quotation.

Free online quotation For an instant quotation simply complete our online quotation form or alternatively email or call free 0800 387 280 for instant advice or information.

Moving to the UK from Greece?
We can arrange removals from anywhere in Greece to the UK.

Moving your effects to Greece

The movement of your effects as an EU Citizen is unrestricted by customs clearance or procedures upon entering Greece. The only required document for your effects when moving to Greece is the inventory which will be completed on collection of your effects.

. If you are moving to Greece from outside Europe we can advise on all required documentation required for customs clearance purposes. ( We supply required forms via email )

Public Holidays

National holidays in Greece

January 1 New Year's Day ( Protochronia )
January 6 Theophany (Theofania)
January 30 The Three Holy Hierarchs ( Trion Ierarchon) School holiday only
Movable Clean Monday ( Kathari Deftera)
March 25 25th of March ( Eikosti-pempti Martiou )
Moveable April 6 Great and Holy Friday ( Megali Paraskevi )
Moveable April 8 Pascha ( Kyriaki tou Pascha)
Moveable April 9 Bright Monday ( Deutera tou Pascha )
Movable Holy Spirit Monday ( Aghiou Pnevmatos )
May 1 Labor Day ( Ergatiki Protomagia )
August 15The Dormition of the Holy Virgin ( I Kimisis tis Theotokou)
October 28 The "Ochi day" ( 'To Ochi' or 'Imera tou Ochi')
November 17Polytechneio ( School holiday only )
December 25Christmas ( Christougenna)
December 26Synaxis of the Mother of God ( Synaxis Theotokou )

Restrictions on the movement of large lorries are often implemented in Greece on these days, as well as Sundays.

So if you are moving to Greece why not call the experts for a effortless stress free relocation.

Moving to the UK from Greece?
We can arrange removals from anywhere in Greece to the UK.

Free online quotation For an instant quotation simply complete our online quotation form or alternatively email or call free 0800 387 280 for instant advice or information.

Documents Required To Stay (and Work) in Greece

British and all other EU/EEA/EFTA passport holders travelling to Greece do not require a visa provided that the passport is valid for the intended period of stay in Greece.


Long Stay Visas (more than 90 days) for living, working or studying in Greece:
If you intend to visit Greece for more than 90 days OR going to take up employment or establish a business, trade, profession or commercial activity, you have to apply in person in the Consulate General of Greece for a National Visa.

Please note that you will need the following:

  1. An original valid passport showing a valid residence permit issued in United Kingdom valid for at least three months longer than the expiry date of the visa you are applying for.
  2. Two recent passport size photographs.
  3. Criminal record issued by the authorities of the country of residence.
  4. Health certificate stating that the applicant does not suffer from any contagious diseases threatening public health according to the International Health Organization.

All other documents depend on the nature of your stay in Greece in accordance with Greek Legislation and more specifically Law 3386/05. Applicants are advised to be in contact with the inviting parties in Greece for the issuance of the appropriate documents before their interview by appointment at the Greek Consulate.

Visa fee for National Visas is the amount of £33.75.

Driving in Greece

To drive your own vehicle the following is required

  1. valid registration papers
  2. an international third-party insurance certificate
  3. and a driver's license.

Note: Valid American and EU licenses are accepted in Greece. A free entry card allows you to keep your car in the country up to 4 months, after which another 8 months can be arranged without having to pay import duty.

Driving Rules: In Greece you drive on the right, pass on the left, and yield right of way to vehicles approaching from the right except where otherwise posted. The maximum speed limit is 100 kilometers per hour (65 m.p.h.) on open roads, and 50 kilometers per hour (30 m.p.h.) in town, unless otherwise posted. Seat belts are required.

Parking a car has become a serious challenge in the cities and towns of Greece. There are few parking garages or lots in Greece. Follow the blue signs with their white "P" and you may be lucky enough to find an available space.

Most Greek city streets have restricted parking of one kind or another. But in some cities, signs usually yellow, and with the directions in English as well as Greek will indicate that you can park along the street but must purchase a ticket from the nearest kiosk. Otherwise, be prepared to park fairly far from your base or destination.
If you lock your car and remove all obvious valuables from sight, you should not have to worry about it being broken into.

Taxation in Greece

Income Tax
All Income Tax in Greece is progressive. An individual in Greece is liable for tax on his income as an employee and on income as a self-employed person. In the case of an individual who answers the test of a "permanent resident" of Greece, tax will be calculated on his income earned in Greece and overseas. An individual whose income is only from a wage is not obligated to file an annual return.

The employer deducts tax from the employee and transfers it to the tax authority every month. Income tax brackets in Greece for the year 2008 are 0% (up to 12,000 euros), 27% (from 12,001 to 30,000 euros), 37% (from 30,001 to 75,000 euros) and 40% (above 75,000 euros). For tax year 2009 the respective rates will be 0%, 25%, 35% and 40%.

Social Security Tax
An employer is obligated to deduct tax at source from an employee and to make additional contributions to social security as in many other EU member states.
The employer's contribution amounts to 28.06% of the salary. The employee's contribution is 16%.

Tax Exemptions

There are several cases of Tax exemptions under the Greek taxation system, these are as follows:

  1. Proceeds from the sale of shares that are traded on the Athens Stock Exchange.
  2. Income from ships and shipping.
  3. A dividend received from a Greek company.
  4. Capital gain from sale of a business between family members, as defined by law.

Tax Deductions
The examples of Tax deductibility in Greece are, as with most other features of Greek taxation, similar to that of other Western European and North American nations, that is, tax deductibility for things such as charity and other things as shown below:

  1. 15% credit on a mortgage for the first residential apartment.
  2. 15% of the rent paid on the main residential apartment up to maximum.
  3. Donations to public, religious and other institutions.
  4. Compulsory payments to social security.

Corporation Tax
Corporations in Greece are taxed on their income in Greece and from overseas. Foreign companies in Greece are taxed only on income that is generated in Greece. Beginning in 2007, the rate of corporate tax is 25%.

Capital Gains Tax
A capital gain in Greece is added to regular income and is taxable at the same rate as regular income for a company, other than in specific instances as defined in law.

Withholding Tax
Greece does not impose withholding tax on corporate dividends paid to foreign investors. It does impose withholding tax on interest and royalties. The rate of tax may be affected by income tax treaties.

The VAT tax in Greece is from 4,5% to 19% .For all the goods not belong to any special category the VAT is 19% . For category 1 goods the VAT is 9% and for category 2 goods is 4,5%. On some islands there is a reduction for category 1 goods VAT to 13%.


Relocating to Greece with Removals to Greece Removals to Greece with Removals to Greece

Removals to Greece covers the following regions and islands:
Central Greece
Aegean Islands
Ionian Islands

Your personal effects will depart for Greece, via the Channel Tunnel, Dover Ferry Port or Portsmouth Ferry Port Then through France, possibly Switzerland, Frejus/Mont Blanc Tunnel, Italy and Ancona Port to Patras port Greece.
Islands destinations serviced via local ferries and Piraeus port.

Relocating to Greece via Dover Ferry Port Dover Ferry Port Relocating to Greece via Portsmouth Ferry Port Portsmouth Ferry Port Relocating to Greece via Ancona Ferry Port Ancona Ferry Port Relocating to Piraeus via Dover Ferry Port Piraeus Ferry Port Relocating to Greece via Patras Ferry Port Patras Ferry Port

Moving to Greece Relocating to Greece Free online quotation - click here! Driving Greece Relocating to Greece Removals to Greece